Powder coatings Eko - Color

Powder coatings are among the most environmentally friendly coat-forming systems. Products manufactured by Eco-Color do not contain harmful organic solvents to human health and the environment, during application chemicals and volatile compounds which would pollute the air are not released. Eko-Color has three lines of powder coatings on offer:

  • and paints with the quality mark QUALICOAT.

What are powder coatings?
Powder coatings are thermosetting binders consisting of resin, hardener, pigments, fillers and improvers, which specify the type, appearance, and colour. Using powder coatings we can name a number of advantages such as:

  • powder coating is an ecological technology, efficient and modern not generating large quantities of waste,
  • in contrast to liquid paints, powder coatings ensure smooth coatings, without cracks, damp patches, bubbles and wrinkles,
  • much easier application compared to liquid products which allows full automation of application line,
  • possibility of application of very thick coatings on the surface with just a single layer of paint, short time to achieve a hardened coating.
Why Eco-Color?

Why Eco-Color?

Our assets World's highest standards

Eko-Paint Color are produced only from best available raw materials on the Polish and European market. Thanks to a detailed quality control, paints are subjected to continuous tests so that you have only the highest quality product. The company also has a warehouse of finished products, which allows for storage of 250 tonnes of paint in ideal conditions.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

The company has an automated process of the production of powder coating to a large extent. Eco-Paint Color are produced on four 4 production lines the performance of which allows to produce from 400 to 700 kg of paint per hour on each line.

Research and Development

Perfectly qualified team is engaged in developing new projects and improving the existing ones based on the latest technologies and trends on the market. The laboratory develops projects of pallets such as RAL or RAL DESIGN. The average time of work on a new project is about 4-5 working days.