QUALITY OF ENVIRONMENT AND OH&S Eco-color as a guarantee of the highest standards

The high quality standard of our products is our priority. The modern production technology available in the industry, the constantly improved processes occurring in the company and highly qualified personnel guarantee high quality standards.

Our powder coatings are products that are subject to continuous monitoring, control and verification at every stage of the technological process, in accordance with the principles of the Integrated Management System implemented in the company, in accordance with international standards in the field of quality management (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001) and OHS (ISO 45001). The above makes us a reliable business partner and we provide customers with products that meet their requirements.


Powder coatings are the most environmentally friendly coatings, thanks to the fact that they are free from solvents harmful to human health and the environment, and thus from volatile organic compounds. Awareness in the field of care for the natural environment in EKO-COLOR Sp. z o. o is an important issue. The functioning environmental management system, compliant with the ISO 45001 standard, helps to ensure the sustainable development of the company with constantly growing environmental requirements, reduces the environmental impact on employees and the company's environment, and ensures compliance with environmental protection laws.

EKO-COLOR Sp. z o.o. is entered into the register of entities introducing products, packaged products and waste management - BDO under number 000030405.


The functioning of the occupational health and safety management system in the company, compliant with the ISO 45001 standard, allows for effective:

- preventing injuries and health ailments related to the work of employees and ensuring safe and hygienic workplaces,

- eliminating threats and minimizing health and safety risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures,

- meeting the requirements of legal regulations in the field of health and safety and other applicable by EKO-COLOR Sp. z o.o.

This translates into a significant improvement in the working conditions of employees and allows us to achieve the required level of health and life protection against hazards in the work environment.

OHS activities applied by EKO-COLOR Sp. o.o.  enable everyday care for the health of the company's employees and partners.


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