QUALICOAT Paints with the QUALICOAT quality label

A PF series is the highest quality group of facade paints intended primarily to cover elements requiring resistance to weather conditions, especially panels and aluminium profiles. Using durable high quality polyester resins, pigments and paint stabilizers of PF series they guarantee the preservation of colour, stability of gloss and excellent corrosion protection in changeable weather conditions.

Paints have the quality symbol QUALICOAT, they meet international quality standards, which provides, among others, repeatability of colour, high UV resistance, high mechanical resistance with aesthetic and decorative finish of surface.

Studies performed have shown that the coatings obtained by applying COLIBER paints of PF series are characterized by an excellent coating system which guarantees the preservation of gloss, stability of colour and perfect protection against corrosion in changeable environmental conditions. The products distinguished are powder coatings (non-metallic) in class 1, category of gloss 2 (semi-gloss). Strict respect of procedures and technical requirements specified by QUALICOAT each year is controlled by inspectors of independent research institutes. The approval granted QUALICOAT No P-1381 guarantees the customers of the company to achieve the highest quality coatings on aluminium elements for architectural applications.

Main properties of PF series:

  • high resistance to weather conditions
  • high resistance to UV radiation
  • high resistance to chalking
  • perfect mechanical strength
  • high covering power
  • availability in a wide range of colours
  • environment friendly.

Intended use:

  • aluminium facades
  • doo
  • window frame
  • blinds
  • fences
  • railings
  • outdoor furniture, letter boxes, and other elements requiring high-quality surface finish.

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