COLIBER Highest standard of powder coating

Powder coatings of COLIBER series is a perfect combination of the latest technologies, innovation and experience.
Thanks to the use of high quality raw materials and modern technological solutions COLIBER paints meet the most restrictive requirements set for powder coatings. A novel approach to each project makes that COLIBER paints always guarantee the optimal solutions, interesting design and adaptation to your needs. On our offer you will find polyester, polyester-epoxy paints, and pure epoxides with a different surface finish and different degree of gloss. Thanks to paints of COLIBER series the combination of maximum protection of the surfaces covered with unusual decorative effects becomes possible.

Advantages of COLIBER powder coatings:

  • wide range of colours, including colour palette Ral, as well as tailored to individual requirements of customers,
  • wide range of visual effects: smooth surfaces, with fine and coarse structure, metallic and pearl effects, 3D effects,
  • easy application,
  • very good mechanical properties,
  • corrosion resistance, very good opacity, repeatability and stabilization of colour,
  • no toxic substances,
  • environment friendly.
Coliber catalogue of colours

Coliber catalogue of colours

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